This, you should listen to.

I happen to be a fan of Profanatica.

I even wrote about ‘em for MTV News.

They’re filthy, blasphemous, aural assassins from Connecticut, and I rep my love all the time by wearing my Profanatica shirt to shows, even if its Satanic and could get me killed in my Christian ‘hood.

Despite my immediate requests for a song stream, we were shafted, and Terrorizer somehow nabbed the full album stream. I guess streaming a song two weeks ago on my measly site would have just sucked all the wind out of Terrorizer’s immense fucking sails.

Oh well. The album is called Thy Kingdom Cum and you can stream it at the end of this post.

Thy Kingdom Cum is Profanatica’s third album after 2010’s Disgusting Blasphemies Against God.

If you like filthy black shit, proceed.

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