Fine Fecal Bagel Brunch

Fine Fecal Bagel Brunch
That’s right, fuckers.

The tour I was barred from attending in 2012 will return next year with Five Finger Butt Monkey headlining.

No other bands have been announced but Fine Feathered Rectum Breath have some suggestions of their own.

“How about if we add some different stuff?,” the band asks online.

“Something like Volbeat or The Prodigy or Tech N9ne? Yey — Ney?”

It’s YAY, NAY, you fucking morons.

This is the second time today we’ve seen idiots utilizing phrases or words they either can’t spell or don’t understand the meaning of.

The original installment, you may recall, boasted God Forbid, Killswitch Engage, Trivium, and Emmure.

I was allowed into the venue, only to be ceremoniously barred from seeing my boys in KsE.

I have been warping the band’s name ever since.

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