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Hecate Enthroned Sign New Deal

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I can't wait for this
Which means a new album is coming from the British black metal act.

I haven’t been this happy since I found out it’s damn near impossible to get a girl preggers with pre-jizz.

It’s still remotely possible, so do as your old pal Chris does and strap one on every time you go in for a deep-womb expedition.

Anyways, so Hecate Enthroned have inked a deal with Crank Music Group and that label has agreed to release the band’s forthcoming album.

Called Virulent Rapture, the album follows 2004’s Redimus, and is scheduled for mass distribution come November 25.

A short U.K. tour is being prepped for December.

This, now, is Virulent Rapture’s track listing:

1. Thrones Of Shadow

2. Unchained

3. Abyssal March

4. Plagued By Black Death

5. Euphoria

6. Virulent Rapture (w/ Sarah Jezebel Deva) 

7. Life

8. To Wield The Hand Of Perdition

9. Of Witchery And The Blood Moon

10. Immateria

11. Paths Of Silence