In a new interview, the one and only Ihsahn discusses his latest album — a gem of a release — and the upcoming Emperor reunion.

Makes for good readin’ fuckers.

“The previous albums were heavy, with eight-string guitars and sax, so this time I wanted to stay inspired and out of my comfort zone and go about this like many of the artists I have had an admiration for who express themselves spontaneously,” says Ihsahn of the new disc, which you can read about here.

“For the more metal albums, I have always worn so many hats on the production side of things, all the control leaves little space. So I wanted to go backwards, bring back the black metal atmosphere and try different musical forms. I wanted to explore different chord colors. I would go into the studio in the middle of the night with two lyrics and took them to the drummer and just picked up my guitar and improvised. It is how I imagine Diamanda Galas might create with some of her more vocal works.”

When asked about the Emperor reunion for 2014, Ihsahn says he’s been reluctant to do it.

“It’s no secret I have been rather stubborn as I want my current music to be as relevant as what I have done in the past, though by embracing the attitude of not being in control it took me back to the place from when we were 19 and recorded In the Nightside Eclipse,” he says.

“We just had the intense drive to create with having any experience, so it will be easier from that place to relate to old Emperor so that it can be performed with the needed intensity.”

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