Billy and Maynard

Billy and Maynard
Just what is going on with A Perfect Circle? Enquiring minds want to know.

The band’s Billy Howerdel was asked recently about the future of APC, and let’s just say it’s not promising.

“I hope to [record] but I know Maynard is in full Tool mode right now. They’re writing a new record, and I have given him some songs that maybe he’s going to look at, but I don’t know how he does with juggling those things at the same time. I’d like to get an APC record underway,” says Billy, a decent dude who I have interviewed a couple of times.

“But I don’t know — I’m just leaving it up to him and what his schedule allows. I’ll be there when he’s available.”

Billy’s other band, Ashes Divide, will have music perhaps out sooner.

“I’ve been writing it for a while. I’ve realized I was really writing the next APC record when I was writing this Ashes record, and I was struggling with the vocals on it.

“I think that it just occurred to me about six months ago that this was the case. So just in August of this year, I really started ripping it apart and just writing new songs. I really like the direction the record is going in now. It’s got a freshness to it that I think is the proper second Ashes record. And I hope to have it out in the spring of 2014, and get on the road after that.”

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