If you like grind...
So, who is in the mood for some grind?

Today, we bring you an exclusive track from the band Fraud.

We have covered them before. They’re purveyors of “battle grind” and the group boasts Josh Mahesh of Heikousen and Jungle Rot’s Jesse Beahler, which should have you interested as fuck in hearing the following song.

Fraud worked on material for their album that will feature a handful of vocalists performing, including Mike “Gunface” McKenzie (who is with The Red Chord), Mitchell Luna of Maruta, and Monstrosity’s Mike Hrubovcak.

The following tune, called “Earth Mother,” features James Dorton from Black Crown Initiate on lead vocals and Mike Hrubovcak from Monstrosity, Vile and Azure Emote on secondary vocals.

But today folks, we’re not only streaming “Earth Mother,” but we’re also bringing you a second track called “Inward,” boasting Gunface from the Red Chord on vocals.

Check out these two songs and let us know if you dig them or if they leave you desiring more.

I can’t imagine choosing the latter.

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