Blood Eagle

Blood Eagle
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A bunch of dudes from bands like Mnemic, Raunchy, Volbeat, and Hatesphere have teamed up in a new act called Blood Eagle, and they’re streaming a track online.

The group’s name represents the method of torture and execution in Nordic mythology, performed by cutting the ribs of the victim by the spine, breaking the ribs so they resembled blood-stained wings.

It was chosen due to the members’ Scandinavian roots.

The band’s already recorded shit with producer Tue Madsen at the Antfarm Studios in Aarhus, Denmark, and the very first song, “Death Sub Zero,” can be heard here.

Blood Eagle’s live debut is scheduled for November 7 at the Aalborg Metal Festival.

The band’s lineup includes Michael Olsson on vocals, 
Mircea Gabriel Eftemie of Mnemic on guitar, former Volbeat member Franz Hellboss (currently of Illdisposed) on guitar, former Hatesphere bassist Mikael Ehlert, and Raunchy drummer Morten Toft Hansen.

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