Suicide Silence

Suicide Silence
And that time’s booked for next week, kids.

Forget the debacle Suicide Silence’s theft of All Shall Perish’s singer created.

The resurrected deathcore duds will be back in the studio next week with their new frontman to start recording their new album with producer Steve Evetts.

The finished product will be released next summer through Nuclear Blast Entertainment, a division of Nuclear Blast Records formed by Nuclear Blast owner Markus Staiger and former Roadrunner A&R chief Monte Conner.

They’ll probably be on Mayhem too.

‘This record will be the grittiest, most meaningful piece of work we’ve ever stood behind,” commented guitarist Mark Heylmun. “We cannot wait for everyone to hear it.”

He adds: “Steve Evetts is someone we’ve worked closely with for a long while, not only on The Black Crown, but also on some instrumental demos just prior to the tragedy last fall. Here we are a year later prepping to record the nastiest, heaviest, most disgusting work we’ve ever done. Expect the unexpected. This is for Mitch.”

Mitch Lucker died a year ago tomorrow, after pounding a few and driving drunk on his motorcycle, which he conveniently steered into a tree.

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