Capture the Crown
This is weird.

Usually, when labels drop bands, they don’t publicize it. They keep it quiet, and usually it’s the jilted band that takes to social media to blast the label for its poor decision.

But Sumerian Records is different.

They recently revealed they’d dropped a band, only to let the mystery stew for a few days before confiding the name of the dissed band: Capture the Crown.

“Weeks ago we announced we would be dropping a band,” says a statement from the label.

“Everyone at Sumerian puts incredible amounts of time, energy and passion in to every band we work with and it’s important that as we continue to grow, we have that same fire burning for each artist on the roster. We are now ready to let you know that we will be parting ways with Capture The Crown due to musical/creative differences.

“We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.”

So strange. Not sure why Sumerian had to air their dirty laundry like that but that’s cool, I guess.

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