Glenn Benton
Fences have been mended.

The TMZ-like battle between Broken Hope and Deicide has reached its crescendo, and is now over.

A statement from Broken Hope claims both sides reached out, an olive branch was extended by both parties, and a friendship has been spared.

“Glen Benton, Shaun Glass, and Jeremy Wagner have been good friends for 20 years and the blow-up in El Paso was completely unnecessary and the situation could have been rectified if all parties talked it out as friends,” says a statement.

“Moreover, there were some very low-blows lobbed in an effort to maim Glen Benton, and a number of those words were very unfair and very immature, so to that end, we apologize,” says the back-peddling statement.

“That said, both bands have extended olive branches to each other in order to retain their longtime friendships, and to rise above all the worthless drama, finger-pointing, and scandalous fallout that’s plagued both bands.

“We’re glad to once again have Benton’s friendship and to have Deicide as brothers. FRIENDSHIP and MUSIC are ALL that matters here.

“We ask all fans to please embrace our effort to revive our friendship with Glen and Deicide, and as we all take a higher, more positive road.”

Yeah, fuck all that. This is the work of publicists, my fine friends.

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