The Disastercast, fucker
Did you think we’d let Monday come and go without another podcast, folks?

This is the tenth one. The tenth time I have committed my drunken antics to tape for your listening pleasure.

This week, in addition to a recap of all the latest news, we’ve got an interview with Brian Langley.

He’s a member of Canada’s Tyrants Blood.

They’re a blackened thrash outfit boasting ex-Blasphemy and Infernal Majesty members. No shit.

Langley is also a member of Blood of the Martyr and Cradle to Grave, which is interesting. Or should be, at least. And we discuss the current season of “Sons of Anarchy,” which is cool. Maybe.

Alas, there was this high-pitched noise that plagued the whole fucking interview, so we had to chop shit up, hardcore.

Check out the podcast, kids, and tell us if you like it or if we should discontinue it, and better use our time helping the planet.

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