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See Marilyn Manson Ruin One Of My Favorite Shows


Manson on set
At the end of this post, you will find video from the latest episode of HBO’s “Eastbound and Down,” boasting that washed-up loon Marilyn Manson.

I happen to love this show. The writing (and delivering) are hilarious, and if you’ve never watched an episode, change that. Start with the first one, and just keep going.

Manson appeared without his lame goth makeup in a scene that’s the result of his reported lobbying for a cameo.

The best comedy on TV is now sullied by this ass-clown’s appearance. It’s a shame.

Manson will also be an unseen character (a voice, essentially) on ABC’s “Once Upon A Time.”

By the way, it’s not the 1980s…you can’t just get AIDS from sitting on a toilet seat.