That’s one hell of a name for a band. I can’t say I hate it.

A new death metal band is on the scene called Warfather.

The new full-time project is fronted by ex-Morbid Angel bassist and vocalist Steve Tucker.

The finishing touches are being put to their debut album, now confirmed to bear the title Orchestrating The Apocalypse.

Warfather sees Tucker back to fronting a death metal outfit after over a decade since his departure from Morbid Angel, and over two years since his participation as a vocalist and writer in the well-received Nader Sadek project.

“I am stoked about Warfather and our first album,” Steve says.

“Warfather is more than just a metal band; it is a belief system and a meeting of the minds, the ones that can see what is truly happening in the times we are living in.

Orchestrating The Apocalypse is a warning to the eyes that choose to be blind, and a call to arms to the minds that do feel the coming changes. It is pure blackened, apocalyptic death metal.

“Fuck religion, fuck the government! This is their apocalypse. Our time is NOW!”

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