Phuture Doom
I get press releases constantly. If you could earn a living receiving press releases, I’d live in a fancy house. With columns flanking the front-door, and an indoor/outdoor swimming pool.

Recognize, bitch.

So, a recent presser on the upcoming self-titled LP from Detroit’s Phuture Doom gave us pause. The music gave us a headache.

“Rave techno mixed with hardstyle and black metal accoutrement” is how the band’s described. “Very the Prodigy lurking in the shadows. They have completely enshrouded themselves in mystery and the occult, putting out imagery to their sounds that incorporate futurism and transhumanism.

The band’s debut just dropped this week.

Not for nothing, but I gave Phuture Doom an open-minded chance, and have determined I’d rather listen to the screams of a thousand burning children.

And I’m serious.

Check out the following trailer and try to tell me you don’t wanna kick someone in a soft spot.

Entertainment I’m Fairly Certain Phuture Doom Is Not Something You’ll Like