Somewhere in Florida

The Sons of Mediocrity
Yes, I am immature. Yes, I think like a child.

Yes, it has stunted my evolution as a human, but so what? At least I don’t re-enact various wars, you know what I mean?

Fuck. Just when I think Godsmack’s gonna go away, they come back to torture the world with more putrid cock-rock.

The writing process for Godsmack’s impending foray into crap is officially underway somewhere in Florida.

Beware, Florida: Sully Erna’s in your area, and he’s prone to fits of Napoleonic rage.

“That’s right mother fuckers!!,” reads the caption to this picture, which appeared on Facebook today.

“We are in FL writing for the next album.”

Notice Sully has to basically stand on a cinderblock just so he doesn’t appear too small in the photo.

And also notice he’s giving the Brooklyn wave.

I just like calling the middle finger the Brooklyn wave. Don’t mind me, folks.

I wonder if Sully will tell his fans to “Go” or “Get away” a lot on the new album.

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