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Exmortus Release New Tune


What’s that? You wanna hear something fucking on point this morning?

Well, look no further, kids.

Just head to the end of this post to stream a new track from Southern California shredsters Exmortus.

The band has a new seven-inch single coming out for the track “Immortality Made Flesh,” a new track from the band’s forthcoming Prosthetic Records debut.

We’ve gotta wait until February for the full-length.

The single’s B-side is a cover of Judas Priest’s “Freewheel Burning.”

Now listen to this, and get your morning off to a good start. It’s not as great as awakening to a gentle BJ, but look — the only way we’d ever suck a dick is if, in the afterlife, we could come back as Kate Upton’s suppository.