Check out the big balls on Brad!
That’s right, folks.

Trap Them have recently entered GodCity Studio in Salem, Massachusetts, with engineer — and Converge member — Kurt Ballou to begin recording their next album for Prosthetic Records.

Interestingly, the drum tracks for the disc are already completed.

Ex-The Red Chord drummer Brad Fickeisen was called on to track the drums for the record.

It remains unclear what’s up with Chris Maggio, Trap Them’s drummer.

I’m hoping he’s still in the bad, but he has been playing with former Poison The Well guitarist Derek Miller’s band Sleigh Bells.

That’s gotta be a good paying gig, as that band’s big. My dad likes that band, and people tell me I’d likely dig ‘em.

I should check them out on Spotify. I think I will.

Says Fickeisen: “It was a pleasure and honor to work with Brian, Galen, Ryan, and Kurt Ballou. Can’t wait for the final product.”

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