Ticks Talk

Ticks Talk
And not very good.

I’m sorry guys, but you’re idea of progressive metal is nothing like mine.

Regardless, yes — there is a band from Guwahati, India, called Ticks Talk, and they reached out to us not that long ago, seeking some coverage.

You can hear a song by the band at the end of this post.

“The band was formed in the middle of 2012 by the like minded musician from the Guwahati Scene,” says the band’s email.

The following song, says the band is about a “person (a scientist) who, frustrated by the evils of the present time, steps into the future in search of sum peace, happiness, and love among humanity. But he finds out something else. He saw the world turning into a much darker place.The sight of evil was everywhere; people killing each other, struggling to live every minute of their lives. It’s a whole different dimension, a dimension where you have to kill to live. A dimension where the hardest thing is to find a moment in peace. A dimension where drug was in the air and a dimension where this person doesn’t belong.”

You don’t say.

“Hoping for a positive and quick response from your side,” ends the email.

Well, here’s some sort of response. Maybe not the one you were hoping for but, yeah, you guys need more practice.

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