The members of Candiria are so busy working on their various side projects, they keep forgetting to release a new Candiria album.

Silly bastards.

I feel like they’re all doing a bunch of crap no one cares about whilst hopes for a new Candiria release are continually dashed.

Now, band drummer Ken Schalk has revealed he’s involved in another side project called Sikk Ill Cell.

That’s not funny, man.

Maybe it’s slightly funny. Making light of a debilitating illness generally isn’t cool, but whatever.

Sikk Ill Cell is…unique. It’s just noise, from what I can detect.

Meanwhile, Candiria’s cover of Iron Maiden’s “Invaders” is said to be mixed and will premiere online soon — likely, not here.

Candiria should consider giving me the exclusive. I cover them more than I should, really.

Vocals for the band’s new song will be tracked this winter for an early 2014 release, the band reports.

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