The Disastercast
The Disastercast
This one’s short.

Literally 15 minutes long. So you have no reason to not listen to it.

Well, aside from one. If you don’t like hearing nasally assholes speaks, keep moving, folks.

Alas, this 11th episode of our podcast — lovingly called The Disastercast — features no artist interviews.

It’s just me riffing and briefly discussing the news and the ongoing redesign of the website, which I’m giddy about. Wait until you see what we’re working on.

On second thought, you don’t have to listen. In fact, I probably embarrass the shit out of myself in this episode…as I do with every episode.

If you do check out the podcast, tell us if you like it or if we should discontinue it, and better use our time helping the planet. Or finding future ex-wives. Or building a time machine out of rubber bands, a broomstick, and a space heater.

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