Mark this day on your calendars, folks.

Today’s the day that Ghost officially became uncool.

I know they’ve come close to becoming lame many times before, but now that the wastes of sperm and eggs in Five Finger Death Punch have endorsed them, its bona fide: Listening to them means you listen to the same shit that awful band does.

Yes, yes, folks — Fine Fisted Diseased Gunt will next year resurrect the Trespass America Festival, and keep teasing acts they’d like to see on it, including Ghost.

“There’s plenty of time to put this together but we wanted to start this conversation now,” says Fried Green Dick Drunk.

“Chris Kael thinks Upon The Burning Body would be a great addition… Jeremy Spencer wants Ghost…. and Zoltan says he is really digging the new Deicide album (coming out in November).”

Can you imagine?

So, if that shit band had its way, they’d play next year with Volbeat, The Prodigy, Tech N9ne, Demon Hunter, Deicide, Upon A Burning Body, Gemini Syndrome, Scar Symmetry, and Ghost.

If this happens, that means Deicide now just care about cash, and have not a single ounce of what we like to call integrity.

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