Ice Nine Kills
Ice Nine Kills
Am I a fan of Ice Nine Kills?

To be honest, I have never heard the band’s music. More important, to my mind, is that they are the first signing to a new label launched by the Outerloop Management dudes.

They’ve teamed up with Fearless Records to form the imprint Outerloop Records.

Outerloop has worked with bands like We Came As Romans, Periphery, and Darkest Hour among others.

Says president Mike Mowery of the new label: “Our first signing, Ice Nine Kills, is a prime example of the type of artists we hope to work with.”

Maybe I should listen to them. But then again, I have gotten by in life thus far without hearing them, so…why change that now?

“At Outerloop, we have always placed an emphasis on forming long-lasting partnerships with our clients in order to help them achieve their artistic goals. Using our extensive industry experience, we look forward to giving talented, hard working bands an avenue to succeed.”

Ice Nine Kills’ first effort for the label, The Predator Becomes The Prey, will drop on January 21.

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