Immutable Dusk IPA
Immutable Dusk IPA
Everyone else has one. Now Pelican have two.

I just hope I get to actually taste this one.

I’ve yet to sip any of the band-branded brews on the market, especially thirsty for the Clutch and Iron Maiden ones.

But nope. I’ve been able to find neither in my liquor store travels.

Even the craft beer place near me doesn’t get such elitist concoctions.

So maybe one of the lads in Pelican would be so kind as to send a case over.

This is the second beer from Pelican through their collaboration with Three Floyds.

The first kegs of the beer will be tapped tomorrow, November 13th, at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago, Illinois.

This latest IPA from the group has been named “Immutable Dusk” after the band’s song.

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