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From First To Last Reunite; Hope For Skrillex Cameo On EP

"Nobody puts Skillex in the middle! NOBODY"
“Nobody puts Skillex in the middle! NOBODY”

When I was at MTV News, there was a minute there when people were saying From First To Last would be the next big thing and that the band would be unstoppable.

For a second out of that minute, I actually believed it would happen. Little did anyone know their drug-ingesting frontman Sonny Moore would go on to become one of the innovative forces behind the creation of that shit genre dubstep.

Now, after drugs and other shit broke them up, From First To Last look to have reunited without Moore, better known as Skrillex.

Matt Good, a member of the band who know is one of its four singers, tells AltPress that he’s reached out to Skrillex to see if he’d be down.

“I have reached out to Sonny; I actually hit him up this morning, so we’ll see what happens. Obviously there’s all this debate about the band with Sonny and the band without Sonny, and it’s really unfortunate because it kind of pulls fans away from what the music’s all about. We all loved having Sonny in the band, and he was an awesome singer. If he would do a song with us on the EP, it would be absolutely awesome, and it would make a ton of people happy. But if he doesn’t, I still want to make a great record and show people that we’re a band, and we just like making music.”

The band has launched a Kickstarter campaign seeking $25,000 to fund the recording of a new EP with over $4,000 already in the virtual kitty.

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