Drew training Turn Furguson

Drew training Turn Furguson
Drew training Turn Furguson
New Jersey thrash rock outfit Hammer Fight — who can be heard here — are preparing for a road trip that kicks off November 14. They’ll be wasting heads and getting wasted along the way, and keeping a road journal for us. Here now is the second installment; peep the first here.

Daily Quote of the Day: “Keep it tucked in, keep it compacted.”
– Shrine Bloodjinn

Tour starts tonight — let’s get stoked! Before I go any further, I have to send out a huge “Thank You” to Mike Hussey from Kalopsia for offering me the use of his amp after mine shit the bed in the most untimely of fashions.

You, Mr. Hussey, are a true hero, and I mean that from the bottom of my dick.

Moving on: I’m putting in a few hours at the print shop right now to give some last minute training to my colleague, Turd Ferguson, who will be attempting to do my job while I’m gone.

Jeff of Psychosomatic sexually harassing Ryan
Jeff of Psychosomatic sexually harassing Ryan

So I got about three more hours before I head to Keansburg, New Jersey, to meet up with my favorite idiots and start our latest adventure.

Ryan Blackman is our newest and youngest member. This will be his second tour.

Last time we teamed up with Sacramento’s Psychosomatic.

That could not have been better for Ryan’s first tour.

He was subjected to constant hazing and sexual harassment at the hands of Psychosomatic’s Jeff Salgado. And he’s a better man for having dealt with it.

That’s it for now, kids. Time to get ready to face the Lord of Steel.

We’re off to melt faces and crush bar tabs. Be at the M Room in Philly tonight and we can guarantee a good fucking time.

Stay tuned for more sad, unfortunate tales of grown men avoiding adulthood.

Tonight the good stuff starts.

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