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Listen To A New Track From Shroud Eater, Folks


Dead Ends
Dead Ends
You should head immediately to the end of this post, folks — especially if you’re a fan hard-hitting sludge that’ll have you banging that big head of yours in no-time flat.

We’re streaming a song from Miami’s Shroud Eater today. Why? Because you should check them out. They’re often compared to Kylesa, if you really need some sort of reference point before giving something a try.

Would I play shit for you?

Now, an admission, because I’m all about full-disclosure: I can be a forgetful dick, sometimes.

Today, I was to interview some of the members of Shroud Eater, and something suddenly came up (hence the lapse in posts earlier today), and I had to ski-dats into New York City right quick.

Of course, in my muddled haste, I blanked on the interview, leaving two ladies in the lurch, waiting for a Skype chat. I should have emailed their rep but I spaced.

I thought, “What better way to make it up to them then stream a tune from their new EP?”

The band’s publicist was already game, so we agreed to do it. So below, you will hear a song called “Sudden Plague.”

As mentioned, it comes from the band’s new EP, which is 28-minutes of sheer power that follows 2011’s ThunderNoise — what was my introduction to the band.

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