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Threat Signal Guitarist Sidelined By Heart Issue


Threat Signal
Threat Signal
I have issues with my heart. I have an abnormal heart beat.

Have had it since I was in college.

So I sympathize with those dealing with heart problems.

Threat Signal guitarist Travis Montgomery apparently suffered something like a heart attack this morning, ThePRP reports.

“To all those who have been wondering, Travis Montgomery has suffered something very similar to a heart attack,” says the band.

“Right now our number 1 concern is recovery. Thank you so much to everyone for your support,” the statement adds.

We hope Travis makes a speedy recovery. But honestly, this doesn’t sound good. At all.

(UPDATE: Travis will be released from a hospital today, and suffered myocarditis, which has the same symptoms as a heart attack but is viral in nature. “According to the doctors, my heart at its current state is working at about 35% of what it should be for someone my age,” says Travis. “This obviously isn’t good, but it will repair over time with rest, medication, and a healthy diet. It’ll take about a year to recover. In that time, of course, I’ll continue writing and recording music! No worries there. Again, thank you for all of the support….it means more than you can imagine.”)

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