Live Carnage

Live Carnage
Live Carnage
Get pumped, fudgepokers.

Haemorrhage and Horror Pain Gore Death Productions will team up for the goregrind band’s first-ever live album.

Called Live Carnage: Feasting On Maryland, the live disc is due out on December 24 on CD and as a digital download.

This blistering release features the band’s full performance from Maryland Deathfest X back in 2012, with audio taken directly from the soundboard.

The Spanish band’s set consists of killer cuts from their crushing Relapse Records debut Hospital Carnage as well as classic tracks from their back catalog.

Pre-orders are available here.

Here’s the album’s track listing:
1. Open Heart Butchery
2. Traumageddon
3. Hospital Thieves
4. 911 (Emergency Slaughter)
5. Mortuary Riot
6. Oozing Molten Gristle
7. Festerfest
8. Deranged For Loathsome
9. Putrescent Necromorphism
10. Dissect, Exhume, Devour…
11. I’m A Pathologist

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