Cattle Decapitation
Cattle Decapitation
Travis Ryan, the lead singer of Cattle Decapitation, has announced the band’s got a new album coming out in 2014.

Oh, and it’ll sound a little bit different.

“Cattle Decapitation’s new album To The Lord Jesus Christ Thou Art True will be released on April 1st 2014,” Ryan writes online. “We hope you enjoy our new direction.”

Of course, dude was just kidding.

Calm your fucking jets, flyboy.

We just thought it was the absolute best reaction anyone has had to this news that Tim Lambesis makes $14,000-plus a month in As I Lay Dying.

Travis, who did backing vocals on the Nader Sadek album, posted a link on Facebook to Metal Injection’s coverage of the story, with that comment.

Trav — what the fuck, dude?

You don’t peep the Gunshy?

You need to change that. Like, now.

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