Austin Winkler

Austin Winkler
Austin Winkler

What a blow to the world of mediocre hard rock!

Hinder — a band not worth the fucking jizz it took to create them — have officially parted ways with their lead singer, Austin Winkler.

Earlier this year, Winkler left the band’s nationwide tour due to “personal reasons.”

Hinder continued to tour with guest lead vocalists helping out, including Jared Weeks from Saving Abel.

“I’m really proud of what we accomplished over the years,” says Hinder drummer Cody Hanson. “We hold no animosity towards Austin, and wish him the best. Although it was a difficult decision, it was the best thing for everyone involved and time for us to move on”

No word on what they plan to do going forward.

And by that I mean, whether they’ll hold auditions or try to find some dude and steal him from another band. Either way, who cares?

FYI: Winkler has done two stints in rehab.

Money = hard drugs = fucking up.

It’s an equation even Austin could understand.

I, for one, think Hinder are one of the worst bands on the planet, and think humanity would be better off without them.

I was, however, a fan of their album covers.

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