I have a ton of respect for Opeth frontman and guitarist Mikael Åkerfeldt, who fans have blasted in recent years for releasing material that’s more prog rock than face-melting madness.

In a new interview with Metal Hammer, Mike says he sees a dearth as far as progression’s concerned.

“In metal, evolution doesn’t seem to be that important. I think most metal fans just want their Happy Meals served to them. They don’t really want to know about what they’re getting.”

He adds:

“For a while, I thought metal was a more open-minded thing but I was wrong. Maybe it’s different from country-to-country. Don’t get me wrong, I love metal, but I’m also open-minded. I admire some bands that do the same record over and over again — I wonder how they don’t get bored! For us, and Anathema, it seems impossible for us to stay still.”

Again, I respect Mike. But I hate Happy Meals.

Most metal fans are satisfied just scratching the surface of what’s become mainstream, but I feel the true fans, the ones who won’t bail on metal in five years when it goes through it’s cyclical downturn in popularity, will remain and keep digging for the darker, more deviant stuff.

But that’s just one man’s take. How do you folks feel about Mikael’s commentary?

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