Dark Angel
Dark Angel
The reunited Dark Angel are fucking coming to Sweden, people.

Good for fucking Sweden.

They’re already one of the best countries on this little speck of dust we call home, and now, in June, they’re going to get Dark Angel.

The U.S. will, too. As well as other European countries. But, for now, Sweden has the market on Dark Angel shows cornered.

I will for sure be attending the Maryland Deathfest this spring, hopefully carpooling it with a bunch of New York heads. I hope — HOPE — Dark Angel will be playing that. Them and Emperor.

Then, my life would be complete.

Dark Angel will rock panties off at the Sweden Rock Festival, set to take place June 4 through June 7 in Sölvesborg, Sweden.

As more shows are announced, we will let you know.

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