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Jos. Von Wienerhaus’ Wiener Of The Week

Weiner of the Week
Weiner of the Week
In this new segment, I’m going to select one musician as the Wiener of the Week for something stupid they said or did over the course of the week. In this inaugural post, rapper George Watsky is the first ever Wiener of the Week.
If you aren’t familiar with his outrageous attempt of jumping from a lighting rig atop the stage, into the crowd, and onto the concrete, I’m sorry you’ve been without an Internet connection until today.

Stagediving is one thing where the risk is pretty low of an artist being dropped by adoring fans. Things took a dramatic turn earlier this week when a dive into the crowd was executed from 35 fucking feet above the crowd.
First, I don’t want to catch a 30 pound suitcase that’s falling from 35 feet, much less a grown rapper. What made him think the crowd was going to catch him when at least half the people there have never even paid for his music? When Watsky leaps from the lighting rig, the crowd decides that it is the perfect time to open this fucking pit up and welcome Watsky to the ground. If this was from 35 feet in the air on top of a building, it would be considered a suicide attempt. Watsky walked away with some scrapes and bruises, but no broken bones like one unfortunate fan.
Imagine if this was a child. People would have rushed from the furthest corners of the room to try to catch a falling child from that height, even if it was a deliberate action of the child. Things change when a grown man does something a child wouldn’t even think of attempting and is lucky to have escaped with his life.
That’s why, you, George Watsky, are the Wiener of the Week.

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