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Quiet Riot Get New Singer

Jizzy Pearl
Jizzy Pearl
And his name may be familiar to you.

After losing its original singer some years back, Quiet Riot has “amicably” parted ways with singer Scott Vokoun.

The new singer is now Love/Hate’s Jizzy Pearl.

What a name, right?

I have often felt bad for Jizzy. Just because of his name. That’s like being named Cummy. Or Spermy.

Pearl will make his live debut with Quiet Riot on New Year’s Eve in Flagstaff, Arizona.

The band’s currently in the recording studio with Jizzy in preparation for the release of a new album in early 2014 that no one will give a shit about.

Says the band: “[We] thank Scott for his past dedication and wish him much continued success.”

The band’s original frontman Kevin DuBrow died in November 2007 from liking cocaine too much. He was 52.

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