It’s not often we get email from Iowan power metal bands, praising our site for shining a big-ass spotlight on the many varieties of metal that exist.

But not that long ago, we did.

Alonso Donoso, the vocalist for power metal band Unity, reached out to give us some props and to let us know that good things can come out of Waterloo, Iowa — contrary to popular belief, I suppose.

“We never heard from this website until you posted a recent review of Blizzard At Sea’s new EP,” writes Alonso. “Let us know if you are interested on reviewing our music as well.”

Well, I don’t know how much of a review this constitutes, but I must say: if you do like power metal, you should at least give Unity a chance.

A song from them is streaming at the end of this post, folks.

I will go on the record as saying these dudes are at least ten times better than half the shit people as me to listen to.

Check out Unity, and let us know if you dig what they’re doing.

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