Norwegian black metal scoundrels Iskald have new music on the way.

Their album Nedom Og Nord will be released on January 14 in Europe on Indie Recordings.

No word yet on when North America will get it.

“This new masterpiece is a tribute to their arctic, majestic and dark home — the northern part of Norway,” says a press release.

“Iskald (‘ice cold’ in English) makes you feel like you’re alone on the top of an iceberg in the middle of an arctic storm!

Nedom Og Nord is by far [the band’s] most epic album to date, containing six long masterpieces, each with different lyrical themes. This is their first Norwegian-entitled album, in which half of the lyrics are based on their mother tongue.”

Here’s the track listing:
1. A Fading Horizon

2. Underworldly

3. Iskald
4. The Silence

5. Nidingsdåd

6. Nedom og Nord

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