That's totally appropriate

That's totally appropriate
That’s totally appropriate
Is the Mastodon shirt pictured in this post racist?

Some people think it is. But I don’t think so. I mean, Thanksgiving, for the most part, is a celebration of trickery and land rape, so I see nothing wrong — historically — will the shirt.

Is it insensitive? Well, you’re at Gunshy Assassin. What would we know about being sensitive?

Mastodon have replied to allegations of racism they’ve been facing since making the shirt available.

It features a native American female offering up a turkey to an armed Pilgrim settler.

Says the band:

“Regarding our thanks giving shirt, whether you choose to believe or not, the American Indians were massacred by the white settlers who became the Americans we are today. this shirt represents this atrocity and celebrating in the face of this atrocity is chilling.

“We may have a sick sense of humor, but we are far from being ‘racist’ as some of you who might not get it are calling us.”

Get the shirt here.

My sense of humor is also sick, and if you don’t dig it, please don’t come back.

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