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Animetal USA Ink New Deal With Warner Bros.

Animetal USA
Animetal USA
Does anyone actually listen to Animetal USA out there?


Quick show of horns.

No one? I figured as much. Yet, I will bring you news on the stateside counterpart to Animetal, the Japanese heavy metal band that specialized in metal covers of popular Japanese anime/tokusatsu theme songs.

Animetal USA has inked a deal with Warner Bros. for the release of the band’s third album, tentatively due in late 2014.

Who is in the group? Well, Rudy Sarzo, for one. Jon Dette of Slayer and Testament fame, for seconds. And Mike Vescera from Obsession with some dude named Chris Impellitteri.

“Animetal blends famous anime themes with both original and cover versions of well-known heavy metal songs,” says a press release.

Whack? I think so.

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