Billy and Maynard

Billy and Maynard
Billy and Maynard
Man, it must be the best worst thing ever being in a band with Maynard James Keenan. The dude’s so talented, but at the same time, projects can literally become suspended for years if dude’s not feeling it.

Guitarist Billy Howerdel must love and hate being in A Perfect Circle with Maynard, but probably hates it more.

A Perfect Circle has another record in them, he says, but fucking Maynard’s not available.

“Tool is in full recording mode, writing mode, at least writing mode, so when the schedule allows, when [Keenan’s] schedule allows, I’m ready. I’m ready to go,” says Billy.

“I’ve got, I feel, a good foundation of material to come into the studio with when we’re ready to concentrate on these things that could be the foundation for the next APC release. When he’s ready, I’m ready. That’s all I can say.”

Or, get another frontman. Try that for an album and see how it goes.

Meanwhile, Howerdel continues working on a new album from his other band, Ashes Divide.

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