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3 Inches of Buzzed

3 Inches of Blood
3 Inches of Blood
I think I have officially come down from my high of meeting Testament and Lamb of God so I’m able to complete a thought and write a new column for you fine folks. 

Two weeks after my “career pinnacle,” I was speaking with Gene’s manager, the lovely Rob Shallcross. He’s a very connected man in the metal scene and has rubbed elbows with many greats of the heavy world. I’m very excited to have made his acquaintance and he’s been hooking me up with some pretty killer interviews as of late. 

He worked with Vancouver’s finest metal band, 3 Inches Of Blood, on their most recent release which was a triple vinyl set of songs they recorded live off the floor. It occurred at Mushroom studios in Vancouver.

That recording studio has a very rich and long history. It’s been the home to such acts as Heart, Loverboy, Skinny Puppy and even Led Zeppelin visited it. It recently shut down and moved to Toronto and one of the cities finest musical institutions was suddenly gone. 3 Inches were able to perform one of the last movements there and they did more than a fine job. 

Rob handled all the engineering and production and the final product was excellent. He wanted to set me up with an interview with them and of course I would be out of my mind not to oblige. 

A couple of days passed after our chat and I receive a text from Justin Hagberg, guitarist for 3IOB. He wanted to meet for drinks and do an interview. 

Well…I guess. 

Twist my arm Justin, I guess I’ll drive to the city and meet one of my favorite bands. What a tough decision (NOT!). 

We sat and drank, ate poutine and drank some more. Free shot after free shot and I was getting pretty buzzed. I was feeling it and I thought, “Fuck, I can’t make a complete ass of myself in front of this dude!”

Not everyday does a top band in your playlist come calling and want to hang out. I highly recommend it, if at all possible. We chatted about metal, touring, craziness, and overall interesting shit that many fans would love to know. 

Alright I’m finished gushing, again. I’m not even living real life right now and I’m waiting to wake up from this dream.

Please enjoy my interview with Justin. It was recorded shortly before he started slurring words and shortly before I passed out wasted on the streets of Vancouver. It’s ok, he still thinks I’m cool. 

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