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Eluveitie Part With Violinist

Meri Tadic
Meri Tadic
Meri Tadic is out of Eluveitie.

The band and her have amicably parted ways…or at least will, at the end of this year.

She plays her final Eluveitie show at the “Eluveitie & Friends III” festival, which will take place on December 28 in Frauenfeld, Switzerland.

Says the band:

“‘There is an end to all things’ is a saying. Nevertheless, having to say goodbye is never easy. Meri has been an important part of Eluveitie for 11 years; we have played hundreds of shows around the globe together. We will miss Meri, but foremost we want to say: Thank you for 11 years spent together!”

The band is now looking forward “to working with Meri’s successor very much and to have new musical influences this way.

“We are in the midst of a creative working progress for our new album. In this sense, this means: Excitement and creative mode: ON!”

Meri adds that she decided to take leave of the band as it was just time to move on.

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