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Suddenly, I’m Intrigued By A Band Called Rentap

Well, I’m not so much intrigued in the band as I’m intrigued in their singer, Phoenix.

Among the questions I have upon seeing a picture of her: Is she single? Does she dig American dudes? And does she shave it all off or just leave a little patch for me to tickle my nose with? Does she regularly forego panties?

More questions keep coming to me: Would she sign a pre-nup? Can she cook a meatloaf? Would her hair smell like lilacs?

While I write down more questions for my eventual meeting with Phoenix, go check out a video of her and her band Rentap.

It’s for a song called “Insane,” and that’s what Phoenix’s dangerous eyes drive me.

Rentap is a new Dutch band featuring former members of Pestilence, the Devil’s Blood, Exivious, and others.

She will be mine, OH YES! She will be mine.

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