Killswitch Engage

Killswitch Engage
Killswitch Engage
The Grammys hardly ever gets it right. Scratch that — almost never gets it right. I think one year, the Deftones won, and I was like, “OK, you guys finally get it.” And they’ve disappointed me ever since.

This year, the nominees in the best metal performance category include Killswitch Engage. I’d love it if they won, because, well, they’re good dudes. But you know Black Sabbath will get it.

They are also nominated, along with Dream Theater, Volbeat and Anthrax, for a cover they did.

The Grammys will be held on January 26 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Dream Theater were nominated for the song “The Enemy Inside,” while Volbeat’s song with King Diamond, “Room 24,” is up for the award. That would be cool, to see King Diamond up there on the Grammy stage.

America would never be the same.

Black Sabbath’s track “God is Dead?” is nominated and will likely win over Killswitch’s “In Due Time.”
“God Is Dead?” also picked up a nomination in the best rock song category.

OK, Grammy — which is it? A metal song or a rock song?

Sabbath’s 13 also earned a nod for best rock album; it will ho up against Led Zeppelin’s Celebration Day and Queens of the Stone Age’s latest.

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