Damian Murdoch

Damian Murdoch
Damian Murdoch
He’s a dude named Damian Murdoch, and holy fuck, can he play!

I watched some videos of the dude ripping shit up on guitar. Not bad, man. I only wish I could masturbate that well. Honestly. I don’t think I do anything that expertly. Not even beat off.

So, the German post-metal band is complete, as The Ocean announced Damian’s addition today.

He’s a 32-year-old Australian who lives in Vienna, and is relocating to Berlin for the big gig.

“Damian is currently teaching guitar and playing songs with titles such as ‘The Final Absturz’ with his instrumental blues band, the Damian Murdoch Trio. We like that,” says The Ocean.

“He also surely knows how to play heavy stuff though.”

He does.

I hope his addition to the band inspires some serious displays of balls on the next album, as the most recent one seemed to lack in the balls department.

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