Ceasing To Breathe

Ceasing To Breathe
Ceasing To Breathe
That’s right, kids.

Still Remains’ crowd-funded new album will drop December 17.

You can hear a track from it — “Crone” — at the end of this post.

Called Ceasing To Breathe, the set will feature a cameo from Zao frontman Dan Weyandt on the opening track, “Bare Your Teeth.”

Here’s the rest of the track listing:

1. “Bare Your Teeth”
2. “Crone”

3. “Beacon”

4. “Cain”

5. “Close To The Grave”

6. “A Way Out”

7. “Keeping Secrets”

8. “Ceasing To Breathe”

9. “F.F.I.”

10. “Hopeless”

11. “Reprise”

12. “Bitter Shroud Repentance”

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