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Behemoth Box Set Is Beyond Blasphemous

Behemoth's box
Behemoth’s box
The extras that come with the box set for Behemoth’s upcoming LP The Satanist would make my saintly mother very, very upset.

She’s a devout woman, and the mere existence of the inverted cross rosary beads you’ll get with Behemoth’s box would make her sad.

“I hope you don’t like that band Behemoth.” Oh ma.

Also in the box set will be a poster/flag, a metal pin, and some black communion wafers in a black envelope.

There you have it.

I hope they’re gluten free.

While that is kinda cool, it’s more lame, to be honest. I mean, we get it. The album is called The Satanist. But this is kind of gimmicky, if you ask me.

The Satanist will be out February 4.

You can pre-order the box here.

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