Steve Harris

Steve Harris
Steve Harris
Good thing for those bandits Steve Harris wasn’t there, because with a last name like that, I am almost certain he would have fought them off like fucking Rambo.

He could have fucked they shit up, folks!

Reports claim more than $8,000 in goods and electronics was pilfered from a Bahamas property owned by the Iron Maiden bassist.

Police have two suspects from the heist in custody and are still searching for another man in connection with the robbery.

In addition, $5,000 worth of the stolen items has already been recovered, which is cool.

The incident happened just after midnight on November 29.

That’s when a group of men sawed through chains on the front gate of an old estate home on the Cable Beach property, which was being used as a site office and storage facility for the furnishing of a 5,000 square foot guest house.

“They assaulted our caretaker, Philip Pierre, assaulted him, put a knife on his throat, and left him in a pool of blood wrapped in duct tape,” the property’s manager, Charles Beall, said.

“I have about 75 men that work for [my company] Clearwater [Construction], hardworking, honest, loyal men that know this old man and love him. They were furious when I told them that Philip was severely beaten and abused, so for three days we canvassed the island.”

Street justice.

“When we found out who these guys were, we met with police and the head of the criminal investigation division at Cable Beach police station.

“They did an outstanding job, he gave me three of the best officers and they arrested one guy on Tuesday and on Thursday, four of us went and caught someone who confessed that he had a role in the beating and theft. We went into a building near his home and with police found much of the stolen goods.”

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