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Church Of Disgust Exclusive Song Stream: “Bound And Cast Into The Depths”


Unworldly Summoning
Unworldly Summoning
Another week, another dope-ass song stream to bring your way — from a band you may not even be familiar with, to boot.

Meet Church of Disgust, who will issue their album Unworldly Summoning on January 1.

This is some honest-to-goodness death metal mastery right here, straight from the bowels of San Marcos, Texas.

Head to the end of this post to check out their track “Bound and Cast Into the Depths,” a track you will only hear on Gunshy Assassin.

Inspired by the writings of Brian Keene and Lovecraft, Church Of Disgust conjure up a horrific atmosphere while doling out some of the heaviest music ever created in the old school spirit.

Production on the album was handled by the established Moontower Studios in Spain (Ataraxy, Teitanblood, Avulsed, Graveyard) and artwork was done by none other than Igor “Abigor” Mugerza (Centinex, Decayed, Spellcraft).

If you’re into Bolt Thrower, Necrosanct or Slugathor, Church of Disgust may give you a fucking aneurysm.

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