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Retro Futurist
Retro Futurist
Kylesa — Phillip Cope, Laura Pleasants and Carl McGinley II — today announced the launch of Retro Futurist Records.

The label kicks off in 2014 with the January 28 release of Canadian prog trio Sierra’s album Pslip.

“The idea behind Retro Futurist Records is to provide an artist-friendly home to bands we like and bands we feel are relevant in aesthetic, sound, concept and/or ethics,” explained Pleasants. 

The first release to come from the Savannah-based label is a vinyl release of Sierra’s debut album. 

Pslip was produced by Cope.

The label will also release original albums from Jagged Vision, Darkentries, and Wet Socks as well as subscriber only collectibles including a Kylesa 7-inch (hand-printed and numbered), a Retro Futurist T-shirt by Santos as well as a mystery 7-inch.

Get more subscriber info here.

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