The Brothers Cavalera
The Brothers Cavalera
Smooth move, Napalm Records.

That’s right — the label has signed Cavalera Conspiracy, the thrash metal outfit formed by brothers Max and Igor Cavalera.

The band’s currently working on music for its as-yet-untitled third studio effort.

That Max Cavalera’s always hustling. Love that about the dude.

“Metal fans can expect another groundbreaking and innovative record that will shake the foundations of the music scene,” a press release promises.

“I am so excited that Cavalera Conspiracy has signed with Napalm Records,” says Max.

“This is gonna be our third album and it’s going to be a brutal grindcore style. I am already working on the riffs, and it is going to come out next year. Get ready to be brutalized by Cavalera Conspiracy and Napalm Records!”

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